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Decentralized Companies House

The Registrar of Digital Entities

The Decentralized Companies House is the world’s first non-sovereign company registry.

Where anyone, anywhere in the world can form a nationality-agnostic digital company.

Instantly and for free.


Connect people worldwide to instant and affordable real-world business capapbilities by removing barriers on the formation, ownership and operating of trustless enterprise.

Rethink Legal Entities

Make business entities an effective business instrument instead of a passive legal vessel.

Streamline Company Formation

Make the process of forming a new company fast, simple and free.

Do business in a frictionless, multi-monetary environment

Equip digital entities with instant and affordable real-world business and financial capabilities.

Set the stage for automation

Expedite the transition into AI-ready enterprise.

Decentralized Entities

An association of nodes under a ‘smart’ programmable agreement on the blockchain.


Executive Nodeholders

Equity Nodeholders

Contract of Association

Underlying any decentralized entity is its contract of association.

An immutable programmable agreement representing the association of its nodeholders as a distinct digital person.

Tokenized Equity

A Transaction Mechanism of Equity Right on the Blockchain.

Entity-Unique Equity Tokens

Equity Transaction Limits

The Registrar of Digital Entities

The entities registrar is an online platform for creating smart legal and next-generation entities for free.

Decentralized Entity Formation

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