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The Registrar of Digital Entities


The Decentralized Companies House is the world’s first non-sovereign company registry.

Where anyone, anywhere in the world can form a nationality-agnostic digital company.

Instantly and for free.


Making ‘doing business’ accessible to everyone starts with making setting up and running a new business instant, simple and affordable.

Rethink Legal Entities

Streamline Company Formation

Do business in a frictionless, multi-monetary environment

Set the stage for automation

Beyond digitalization lays automation

Digital entities range from basic rule-based entities powered by smart contracts to self-governed, next-generation entities. …

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Decentralized Entity. An immutable association of a set of nodes.

Digital, Smart and Decentralized Entities on the Blockchain


Decentralized Entities

From Smart Legal Entities to Next-Generation Entities

A decentralized entity is an immutable global agent locally powered by a set of otherwise unrelated nodes — to represent their association on the network as a distinct digital person.

The nodes associated under a decentralized entity are its nodeholders. Each node runs the entity contract locally. Together forming a global, decentralized entity.

Decentralized entities vary by their underlying smart contract. Different contracts represent different natures of association. Smart Legal Entities (SLEs) are contract-powered digital vessels suitable for doing business in a multi-monetary world. …



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